Prices Of Bag Of Cement In Nigeria 2022 (Updated)

Bag of cement is one of the items which is sold in Nigeria that the prices don’t remain the same, They changes regularly and the same way they change, we keep on updating this post to keep you updated on the current price of bag of cement in Nigeria. Just as we have been giving you the prices of some items which is sold in Nigeria, we will also do the same here by giving you details on how much Bag of cement is sold in different parts of the country.

Prices of bag of cement in Nigeria


Cement has risen in price in recent times, there was a time a bag of cement is sold at the prices of one thousand five hundred naira. But now you can’t get a bag of cement close to that same price. Though the prices of cement also depends on the brand of cement.

When an Engineer is given a contract to build a house, most of them only looks for where they will benefit from, that’s why some may go for the cheaper one. Am not saying that the cheaper one is not good, but just want to make you understand the difference between all the types of cement which is common in Nigeria.

Types and Prices of cement in Nigeria.

There are Four major cement company in Nigeria which we are going to discuss today.

1. Dangote Cement.

Dangote Cement is the most popular cement in Nigeria. It has been in existence for so long and it is owned by the Richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote.


Price Of Dangote Cement In Nigeria

Dangote Cement is sold between the prices of #3,800 and #4,000 Depending on your location. In rural area, the prices might be high because of the transportation which may also be added to the price of the cement.

2. Bua Cement

Bua Cement is another cement company in Nigeria which has been in competition with Dangote Cement. Bua Cement has in the game for some time now trying to pave it’s way to the top but still, Dangote Cement has the majority of the market.

Price of Bua Cement In Nigeria

Bua Cement is sold between the prices of #3,400 and #3,800. The price also depends on the location in which the cement was bought. In the city, the cheaper. In the village the more expensive.

3. Ibeto Cement.

Ibeto Cement is an old cement company which has been in competition with Dangote Cement since the olden days, but later it seems like they dropped in the market as ibeto Cement become very hard to come across in the cement market. Bua Cement and Dangote Cement has been on top of the game for the recent times but  Ibeto Cement will always remain one of the best Cement In Nigeria.


Price of Ibeto Cement In Nigeria

Ibeto Cement is currently sold between the prices of #3,950 and #4,100 depending on your location.

4.Eagle Cement

Eagle Cement is another popular cement which is commonly used in Nigeria. But among all the types of Cement I mentioned earlier, Eagle Cement tends to be the least popular of the three types of Cement mentioned above.

Price Of Eagle Cement In Nigeria

Eagle Cement is sold between the prices of #3,400 and #3,800. The price also depends on location.

So Generally, The prices of bag of cement in Nigeria ranges from#3,400 to #4,200 depending on the brand of the cement.

This is the current Prices of Bag of Cement In Nigeria.
Once there is a change in price, this post will be updated.