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How To Join The Nigerian Army School

How To Join The Nigerian Army School
When People say they want to join the Nigerian Army School, sometimes they need to be specific. But the truth is because they don’t know anything about Army School, that’s why they ask such questions.
Let me explain to you what I mean by the above Statement.

The Nigerian Army Has different types of school and Categories. In this Post am going to explain how to join all the Categories of the Nigerian Army School and how to join them.


1. Nigerian Military School Zaria.
2. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)
3. Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)

Now that I have listed the main three School owned by the Nigerian Army that people wants to join.


The Nigerian Military School NMS is a Secondary School that is designed by the Army to help train young boys from Jss1 to Ss3 and pass out as a Soldier.

Nigerian Army school


Please Note that the NMS consists of Both Military and Academic Training of 6 years.
Also Note that NMS is Strictly for only Male Candidates alone.
You can read about how to join the Nigerian Military School NMS HERE


The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Is not actually an army School but Military School which consists of the Nigerian There Armed Forces. The Army Navy and Air force.
The Nigerian Defence Academy is for those who have completed the Secondary School possessing their SSCE Certificates.

The Nigerian Defence Academy welcomes both male and female but mostly men. Only few females are allowed to join.
When you enter the Nigerian Defence Academy as a Cadet, You will undergo both Academic and Military training and Pass out with a degree and also become a Nigerian Military Officer. Either in the Air Force, Army or Navy.

To Apply For the Nigerian Defence Academy, CLICK HERE


You can also visit the Nigerian Defence Academy official website HERE


Nigerian Army University Biu is Just like the Nigerian Defence Academy, But there is some difference between them.
The Nigerian Army University Biu NAUB is for both military and Civilians but in the Case of the Nigerian Defence Academy, It’s only for military. What I mean by it’s only for military is that once you enter or gets admission in the Institution, You must Pass out as a military Officer either in the Navy, Army or the Air Force.

But In the Nigerian Army University Biu NAUB, it’s for both military and Civilians. When you finish your program, you pass out as a Civilian that you are or a Military Personnel that you are..

If you wish to apply for the Nigerian Army University Biu, (NAUB) CLICK HERE



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