Nigerian Army Universities (Full List And Application)

Full List Of The Nigerian Army Universities/Application
The Nigerian Army has many Schools Under them including the Command Schools.
In this Article,we are going to talk about only the Nigerian Army Universities and their Application Method.

The Nigerian Army has Only Two University which awards you a degree certificate in completion of your course. They Practice the Same Academic Programs Just like other higher Institution.


Below is the List of the Nigerian Army Universities.

1. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)

2. Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)

Now Let’s go down and explain the difference between them and how to Apply For any of them.

1. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)


The Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Is a University on it’s own which only deals with training of the Candidates to become military officers in the Nigerian Armed Forces. Either in the Army, Air force or Navy.
The Nigerian Defence Academy engages their Students in both Academic and Military training in the Institution,
So if you want to attend the Nigerian Defence Academy, that is because you want to become a military Officer in the future.

nigerian army university


In the Nigerian Defence Academy, Students don’t pay school fees as it has already been taken care of by the Federal Government.
You are also allowed to wear military clothings during your training because they are training you as a future Officer of the Nigerian Military.
Those in the Navy and Air Force Spends 4 Years in the School while those in the army spends 5 years.
If you want to join the Nigerian Defence Academy, CLICK HERE to learn how to join the Academy.

You can also visit the Nigerian Defence Academy Official website HERE


2. Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)

The Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) is also an institution which is taking care of by the Nigerian Army.
The University is as any other Institution just that the School is owned by the Nigerian Army.
Both Civilians and and Soldiers can apply for the School, But Unlike the Nigerian Defence Academy which is consist of both military and Academic Training, this University is only for Academic Session.

Which means, If you come as a Soldier, you are leaving as a soldier. If you come as a Civilian, You are also leaving as a Civilian.
Please note that you take care of yourself including paying your school fees and personal issues.
If you want to apply for the Nigerian Army University Biu, know there Requirements and courses, CLICK HERE

You can visit NAUB official website HERE

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