How To Payback GTB Quick Credit Loan

How To Payback GTB Quick Credit Loan

There are different types of loans given out by GTbank to their eligible customers all year round, and one of them is the GTB Quick Credit Loan. This type of loan bids you a full package of about 3 months of your salary, and it has an interest rate of 1.33%.  You must pay back … Read more

Here’s What Happens If Online Loan Is Not Paid In Nigeria

Here's What Happens If Online Loan Is Not Paid In Nigeria

Online loans have become a popular means of accessing credit in Nigeria, particularly for individuals who may not have easy access to traditional banks or financial institutions. While online loans can provide quick and convenient access to funds, there are consequences to defaulting on these loans. In this blog post, we will explore what happens … Read more

How to Check NIRSAL Loan Application with BVN (5 Steps)

How to Check NIRSAL Loan Application with BVN

If you applied for a loan on NIRSAL Microfinance Bank in 2020 or 2021 you have to go check your portal to know if it was successful. The mistake made by millions of covid-19 applicants is that they just apply and don’t bother to check the status of their application. In this article, we would … Read more

How to Apply for AGSMEIS Loan in [year]

How to Apply for AGSMEIS Loan

Agribusiness/Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) is a loan program between the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and NIRSAL Microfinance Bank. It loan program that gives loans to interested Nigerians. The aim is to help them start and build up a good business. The primary aim of the loan program according to CBN, is … Read more

Survival Fund Application Portal [year]

Survival Fund Application

The Survival fund application portal for 2022 is currently open and the registration is ongoing. If you are interested you should apply immediately. In this article, we would outline all you need to know about the Survival fund application and its requirements. The motive of the Federal Government MSME, CRM, & MIS platform is … Read more

Easybuy Loan App Review (Updated [year])

easybuy loan app review

The loan app Easybuy is one of the mobile apps that provide interested Nigerians with instant loans. The process is quite simple and fast, you can get your loan within a few minutes of application at its best. The loan app has been in use for a while now and has generated questions about if … Read more

How to Get Migo Loan (Updated [year])

how to get migo loan

Migo is an automated instant loan service that has its solid root in partnerships between banks, telecommunication companies, and mobile networks in Nigeria. The main aim is to make access to finance easy for every interested Nigerian. It was formerly known as Kwikmoney or Kwikcash. Using a USSD code introduced by Migo you can get … Read more

Icredit Loan App Review [year] (Legit or Scam)

icredit loan app review

Icredit loan app is one of few loan providers that grant loans to interested Nigerians. Due to the economic state of the country, there has been a rise in the demand for loans. Icredit loan app and other loan providers have helped empower some Nigerians financially. However, some people have been asking questions if icredit … Read more

Imoney Loan App Review (Legit Or Scam)

Imoney Loan App Review

Many people who are familiar with online loan app may have come across this particular loan app called imoney loan app. The Imoney Loan app is one of the loan app you can find in the playstore. Though the app have many 5 star rating and also 1 star rating in the google playstore. You … Read more

How To check Nirsal Loan Approval With BVN

How To check Nirsal Loan Approval With BVN

Many People who apply for Nirsal Covid 19 Loan has been asking this question on how to check nirsal loan approval with BVN. Don’t worry because infomademen got you covered as we are going to give you complete details on how to check Nirsal loan approval with bvn number. Before we go into the main … Read more