Easybuy Loan App Review (Updated 2022)

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The loan app Easybuy is one of the mobile apps that provide interested Nigerians with instant loans. The process is quite simple and fast, you can get your loan within a few minutes of application at its best.

The loan app has been in use for a while now and has generated questions about if it is legit or just a scam. I know you are curious to know too, not to worry, we would give you a detailed information on Easybuy loan app review

Easybuy Loan App Review (The Easybuy Method)

1. Contact an Easybuy Agent

The first to take is to identify with an Easybuy agent. You can find these agents in stores where mobile phones and other electrical devices are sold. The marketing strategy of Easybuy involves their agent signing in new customers into their platform.

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2. Choose Your Favorite Phone or Gadget

After you have easily spotted the Easybuy agents, your next step is to pick the phone or gadget you want to purchase. Don’t rush it, feel free to make the choice you feel is best for you. The Easybuy platform makes sure to provide its customers with varieties of electronic devices.

3. Open an Account with the Easybuy Agent

After making a choice of the phone to buy, you would have to open an account with the Easybuy agent. You are expected to register with your name, address, mobile number, BVN, income information, firm name, debit card information, confirmed means of identification, and other vital details.

To begin with, you would have to pay 30% of the acquired gadget in question. Also, decisions on the required amount of the initial deposit and how long the loan would last are made at this level.

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The three levels of the loan term for Easybuy are: three months, six months, and twelve months.

You would also have to give out the contacts of four people and their words must confirm that you are who you signed up to be. Their words would be taken as collateral shortly.

4. Open the Easybuy Mobile App and Log in

After you are through with paying the 30% deposit, install the Easybuy mobile app and log in. You are expected to add your loan repayment mode. Just connect your credit card so the platform can always debit you whenever the time for payment is due.

You can also decide to pay up before the agreed time.

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Is the Easybuy Loan App Legit or Scam?

The main aim of this article is to give detailed information on whether the Easybuy loan is legit or just a sham.

According to findings, the Easybuy loan app is an authentic platform that loans money to its customers. You only have to download the app, fill out the needed forms. The least loan to apply for is N2000.

Is the Easybuy Loan Safe and Legal?

Yes, it is safe and legal, you won’t have cause to worry as long as you follow the laid down rules required to get a loan. Simply make sure that the information you are providing is correct.

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