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Difference between Army And Soldier (Complete Details)

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Many people always ask this question what is the difference between Army And Soldier. The answer is very simple but it still keep some people thinking because they don’t understand it.

Some people will see a guy and call him an Army man while some will see the men I call him soldiers man.
In this Post,am going to break it down about the difference between the two of them. Sometimes I see people making some statements like “I want to be Army”, they made that statement because some don’t know the difference between the two of them or they don’t even know that there is difference between them.

.Difference between Army And Soldier (Complete Details)

In this post, we are going to explain it in details the difference between the both of them in details.
Let’s start with Army.

Difference between Army And Soldier

What is an ARMY?
Army is a body or Organizations in which a person working in it is called a Soldier. It has branches and DEPARTMENTS and a Soldier works there.

Who is a Soldier?
A soldier is one Man who is working in the Army. it is a name which is called to the one who is working in the Army.


Note that even those who are working in the Air Force and Navy are also called soldiers because they are also Military and they work hand in hand with each other. So a people working Under the Navy is Also a Soldiers. Air Force Personnels are also Soldiers.

So in the real sense, you can only say you want to join the army or You want to become a Soldier.
The simple Explanation and difference is that Army is A Body of men while Soldier is a person working in the Army.

With the above explanations, You can now be able to differenciate between the both of them.




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